The future of Living


Its really exciting to see constant innovation and new creative forms of housing for living and holidaying.  Airbnb really paved the way for offering all types of accommodation offerings and we are now evolving from not only shared rooms but to old shipping containers being converted into rooms. 

So why Storage Containers?

I think the fact that storage containers are shippable and can be moved easily,add on to the a fact price is a lot cheaper to construct than a bricks and mortar building.  A bare container without anything done will start at around (USD $1300 -$ 2,200), you then need to rust proof the unit, add flooring, walls, plumbing, electrics and all the other things to turn it onto a home. A luxury container fully fitted would cost around $13,000.

What do we need to consider?

When planning a container project there are many factors to consider which will affect the price:

  • Brand New Container or Recycled as a starting point.
  • How many container units in a structure.
  • What foundations are needed.
  • What are the room layouts needed
  • Does the structure need strengthening once cut
  • How many doors and windows required in each one and are they UPVC or Aluminium
  • Insulation Required
  • Internal walls covered in gypsum / ply or other
  • Interior finish. Tiles or Painted Etc.
  • Plain flooring / vinyl flooring / tiled flooring
  • Internal electrics & plumbing
  • Outlets & Switches. Standard plastic / stainless steel etc.
  • Exterior Finish – Left as standard & painted or paneled / fascia
  • Roof – Left as is or added pitched / flat roof
  • Outdoor areas such as patios or balconies
  • AC units etc
  • Internal furnishings. kitchen Units / Bathroom Etc.
  • Actual delivery & installation. Road Access / Crane Hire Etc.
  • Additional Features
    • Solar Hot Water
    • Solar Power
    • Rainwater Collection
    • Waste Tank & Disposal


We currently market a resort in Koh Lipe which operate a resort from discarded shipping containers, but you'd never know it; from the outside the buildings look like they're constructed from wood. Inside the rooms are clean and minimalism, with fan or A/C double bed and bathroom.


So Poshtel is an interesting one founded by one of the Skype founders Morten Lund. They are offering a pop-up luxury hotels, designed to provide suites for the people, affordable for more of us and sustainable for all of us. The shipping containers kitted out cost roughly $30,000 USD and they will be renting them out at $200 a night.  It will be interesting to see where these containers popup as i'm sure there will be some land owner and different challenges from country to country.   

 Credit Poshtel Popup

Credit Poshtel Popup

In the Philippines Revolution Precrafted are selling prefabricated designer homes and then shipping worldwide.   The company is valued at over 1 billion and is the first unicorn startup so its not surprising the homes cost $120,000USD.  It looks like they will be creating modular hotels but the website states coming soon so something to follow.  

 Credit Revolution Precreafted

Credit Revolution Precreafted

It will be interesting to see how this space pans out as the market is evolving and consumers are always looking for the next big thing.  

Greetings from RoomPanda

What is Roompanda?

Put simply we are property experts in Asia so whether you have a property for sale, for rent on short or long term basis we can cater for your needs.  Our brand consists of 3 divisions:

RoomPanda Realty specialise in villas and apartments across Asia.  

The Rental arm specialises in properties for long term monthly rentals up to 12 months and vacation rentals minimum stay of 3 nights.

Roompanda Extras provide additional services for guests such as Airport Transfer, Driver, Car Hire, Tours, Private Chef etc.  

Why would i choose Roompanda?


Our team of geeks are extremely tech savy connecting the latest apps; airbnb to google sheets to latest industry specific software, streamlining and automating the process.  

We are syncing all calendars through API's (Application Programming Integrations) so we are eliminating the risk of double bookings.

Our website technology has the latest booking engine integration so guests can easily search for properties, filter within seconds and make a booking through fully integrated Stripe integration.


Our response rates are pretty epic responding within less than one hour 24 hours a day 7 days a week worldwide.  

Inquiries require a lot of attention depending on guest questions and can consume hours of time until they convert, time what owners don't have as they have full time jobs. We pride ourselves in being sales experts and so have high conversion rates and obviously time dedicated to this profession.


Content writing is an art form and requires teams of dedicated professional writers who captivate the audience with a compelling story of what it will be like staying in the property. Airbnb is building its brand around trust and experiences so we use active verbs to paint a beautiful picture for the guest to envisage what their experience will be like.

Our extensive knowledge of South East Asia and neighbourhoods coupled with expertise in properties enables us to write appealing yet accurate descriptive content.  We offer localised knowledge which enhances the guest experience so the guest knows where the local cafe is, or nearest 7-Eleven, Villa Market supermarket. 


Villa Amanzi Kamala - Idyllic tropical gateway.jpg

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is an English language-idiom.  All it takes is one photograph to entice the guest to book so our team of trained eyes carefully select and filter the photograph for maximum results.  Our skilled photographers purely specialise in property so know how to take professional photographs with the correct lighting, positioning to achieve glamorous true to life photos.  We carefully arrange the photographs so it is like telling story with a walk through of the property.     


We analyze the occupancy, average daily rate and seasonality of over thousands of short-term rentals worldwide, using broad market characteristics and closest comparable properties to estimate the value of a vacation rental property.  Once we have evaluated your property and target demographics we can then advise on a pricing structure which will result in bookings.



We have over 10 years experience of vacation rentals and property management with 5 of those years spent in SE Asia so our knowledge of the local market gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors.  

Our team of marketing ninjas make sure your property gets seen across our own dedicated localised vacation rental channels and 15+ major international and Asia specific channels.